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Emigrating? In Financial Distress? Lost your job? Need to save money? Need to reduce expenses? Not able to keep up with your car payments? Not getting the real value for your car when selling?

You've come to the right place!

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How it Works

Cars4Everyone facilitates 24 (twenty four) to 72 (seventy two) months’ rental contracts between LESSORS and LESSEES with the option to take ownership of the vehicle.

Step 1

List your car.

Step 2

Choose when your car will be available

Step 3

Sign Agreement. Vehicle expenses paid

    • Choose when your car is available for rent and who gets to drive it.
    • While your vehicle is being rented out, it will be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy from Mutual & Federal or OutSurance.
    • We supply all of the relevant information, agreements and assistance as well as vetting all drivers.
    • We collect the money from the new driver on your behalf and then pay for the vehicle expenses on your behalf.
    • We monitor driver behaviour via Netstar tracking system.


Cars4Everyone pays the insurance and tracking costs of the cars. The drivers refund Cars4Everyone monthly for these costs. We provide insurance and tracker certificate issued by Insurer, of which the owner and the new driver gets the copy.

*Rent-To-Own-Car Product is facilitated by Cars4everyone.
“let everyone drive & own a car”

What Sets Us Apart

  • Vehicles are paid timeously.
  • More than 20 vehicles settled with the bank and transferred to new owners.
  • Quick turn around time.
  • Cars4everyone understand the vehicle owner's needs.

How We Compare

  • Cars4everyone has a friendly relationship & open door policy with all drivers & owners.
  • We only rent out vehicles to clients that can afford it.
  • Vehicles are monitored 24/7 for driver behaviour and distance traveled.

Your car is looked after

Driver behaviour correction is applied every 12 hours and we have the ability to safely disable your vehicle remotely in a worst case scenario.

Don't wait until it's too late!

Avoid losing car

Avoid falling behind, rent out your car and don't lose it to the bank!

120000 + Number of Cars Repossessed each year

Don't lose your car. Rent it out today!

What our clients say

I was looking for someone to take over the instalments in order to keep my name cleared from the bank. That is when Rent Out My Car played a big roll. I opened their website and they responded immediately. They are legitimate and reliable, great people to work with. I can safely say, that Rent Out My Car via Cars4Everyone has helped lifted a huge burden off my shoulders.


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To qualify your vehicle must still be under warranty or on a maintenance plan and have less than 120,000km on the clock.

To find out more about renting out your car complete the form below and our specialist team will contact you.

Please note: Vehicles are rented out on a rent to own basis.

No short term rentals

    Midlands Office Park West - 1 St Floor , Mount Quray Street - Midlands , Midstream Estate

    Tel: +27 (0) 84 041 3000


    Cars4everyone & Owner recognises the importance of protecting our customers’ personal information and keeping said information confidential & aligns itself with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and we wish to confirm that only the necessary client information is collected and processed to provide you with Cars4everyone  Rent To Own Vehicle & Rent Out My Vehicle services. 

    We will continue to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from unauthorised access.

    Cars4everyone privacy notice, which further explains how your personal information is processed and which forms part of our Terms and Conditions.


    If a third party request Cars4everyone  for any of your personal information, we will share it with them only if:

    • You have already given your written consent for the disclosure of this information to that third party; or

    • We have a legal duty to give the information to that third party.

    If Cars4everyone agree to share your personal information for any other reason, we will do so only with your written permission. Notwithstanding the above, by agreeing to Cars4everyone Terms and Conditions.

     Cars4everyone  has a duty to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure your personal information is complete, accurate, valid, not misleading and updated on a regular basis.

    To enable this, Cars4everyone will always obtain personal information from you directly.

    Where we are unable to do so, we will make use of verifiable independent third-party data sources.